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Advanced Sled Dog Sports (Course ID: 2WG-2019)

Course: 2FG-2019 - Advanced Sled Dog Sports

Duration: 2 weeks

Dates: Feb 18 - Mar 03, 2019

Age: Min. 18 yrs.

Cost: $2,415.00 USD (all inclusive, tax included)

Prerequisite: Letter of qualification (briefly explaining experience and expected outcomes).


General prerequisites for enrollment

Students should be: self-motivated, physically fit, able to exercise appropriate independent living skills, and willing to engage in all activities. Maintaining respect and safety for students, animals and staff members is the responsibility of all participants.


Component 1 of 1:

This unique 2-week course runs consecutively to the Earth Studies Winter Lifestyle & Animal Connection course and builds on the experiences, skill sets, and confidences acquired during the Animal Connection component.

Applicants for enrollment who have not taken previous courses with Earth Studies will have to provide proof of and demonstrate an equivalently solid level of knowledge and skills with sled dogs in order to be considered for this course. It is not for beginners.

Students will have additional opportunity to go solo dog sledding and skijoring on Earth Studies’ extensive and challenging private trail network. In addition, Earth Studies has partnered with The Dog Masters USA to offer a Dog Musher Training course.

During this intense training component students will learn about the incredible traditional art of advanced dog-powered sports through 40 hours of immersive group and individual workshops with our resident pack of 20 Seppala Huskies.

By the end of this course, students will have a solid foundation of skills and experience living and working with huskies, and supervising pack dynamics to pursue their passion in animal education and sled dog related outdoor travel and sport. Students successfully completing this course will receive a certificate attesting to their expertise in sled dog care, kennel management and sled dog sports.


Topics of instruction will include but not be limited to:

1.1 Dog behaviour training

1.2 Dog psychology and education

1.3 Sled dog sports training

1.4 Leadership and risk management

1.5 Trail, kennel and equipment maintenance

1.6 Daily log entries and case history development

1.7 Nutrition, conditioning, grooming and triage techniques

1.8 Review and record individual case histories

1.9 Learn to make and repair sled and dog harness equipment


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