Environmental Literacy

Through discussions, explorations, and field trips, we educate students about the core issues in our environment and how we can go about solving them. On a global level, we may discuss climate change. On a local level, we might visit the hydro-dam in James Bay and tease out the causes and effects it has on the local ecosystems. We also talk about food nutrition and the impact different foods have on the body.

Animal Connection

Our campus is home to dogs, horses, and a myriad of wild animals that come and go with the seasons.

With Dogs: Our kennels have three rules: 1) Respect, 2) Trust, and 3) Love. We offer guidance and classes to students interested in pursuing a relationship with and studying our dogs. This also includes dog sledding.

With Horses: We don’t focus on teaching horseback riding because you can learn that anywhere. At Earth Studies, we offer a unique course in Grounding Work. Though our classes, students learn how to read a horse’s individual personality and predict what that horse may do based on their personality. We focus on teaching how to read subtle, non-verbal cures.

Fish and Wildlife Agency. With a registered wildlife rehabilitator on campus, we often receive animals from Fish and Wildlife that need to be nursed back to health. In the past, we have cared for eagles (one of whom is now a permanent resident at Earth Studies), deer fawns, orphan raccoons, hawks, owls, fox kids, and bear cubs. Establishing relationships with and caring for these animals as they arrive is also an opportunity available to students.

Self Defense

We believe self-awareness and self-defense go hand-in-hand. We teach Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga by specially trained instructors.


Outdoor Recreation

How do we experience nature and the outdoors? Our daily adventures take us cross-country skiing, swimming in the nearby lake, snowshoeing, and hiking. This is all about appreciating the nature that is right in front of you.


Our Gap Programs:

Autumn Gap

Explore the flora and fauna on campus grounds. Experience indigenous customs. Road-trip across Canada with a car full of new friends as passionate about the environment as you are.


Winter Gap

Earn your Dog Sledding Management Certification. Travel to the Yukon Territories and participate in an annual dog sled championship. Experience a natural and rustic Canadian winter.


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