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Advanced Sled Dog Sports and Certification (Course ID: 2_WG_2018)

Prerequisite course: Animal Connection, Winter Pioneer Lifestyle, and Yukon Quest Trip (YT) + Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) Course (Course ID: 1_WG_2018)

With this optional three-week extension to the above program, become a member of the Siberian husky pack and participate in their daily training. Upon completion of this extension, you will earn your Dog Sledding Management Certification.


Environmental Literacy

  • Learn advanced outdoor skills like tracking, mapping, and fire making.
  • Learn about dog behavior and pack dynamics.


Animal Connection

  • Receive proper training in and go dog sledding.
  • Manage a dog kennel through best practices.



  • Take daily self-defense training.



  • Dog sled.
  • Cross-country ski.
  • Go skijoring.
  • Scooter-sled.
  • Partake in basic woodsman activities.


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