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Advanced Sled Dog Sports (Course ID: 2FG-2018)

Advanced Sled Dog Sports (Course ID: 2FG-2018)

Length: 2 weeks
Dates: Oct 22 - Nov 04, 2018
Age: 18-22 yrs.
Cost: $2,415.00 USD (all inclusive, tax included)
Prerequisite: ES Gap Alumni, have completed course 1FG-2018, or have been invited.


Ground Policy

Students should be: self-motivated, physically fit, able to exercise appropriate independent living skills, and willing to engage in all activities. Ensuring respect and safety for students, resident animals and staff members is the responsibility of all course participants.


Course Description: Dog Musher Training (40 hrs.)

The Dog Masters USA from Colorado have partnered with Earth Studies to offer a extraordinary Dog Musher Training course. In this component you’ll learn about the incredible traditional art of dog-powered sports through 40 hrs. of immersive group and individual workshops with the Earth Studies’ pack of 18 Seppala Huskies.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation of skills and experience living with dogs and supervising pack dynamics to pursue your passion in animal education and outdoor travel. Upon completion of this course, you'll also receive a certificate.

1.1 Dog behaviour training;
1.2 Dog psychology and education;
1.3 Sled dog sports training;
1.4 Leadership and risk management; and 1.5 Animal husbandry.


Component 7: Advanced Sled Dog Sports (60 hrs.)

This unique 2-week course runs consecutively to the Earth Studies Lifestyle + Animal Connection course and builds on the experiences, skill sets, and confidences acquired during the Animal Connection component. Students will have opportunity to canicross, go bikejoring or dog carting as the huskies are trained in preparation for the winter dog sledding months ahead. In addition, students will also learn about therapeutic aquatic canine conditioning and rehabilitation.

1.1 Extended sled dog dry land training experience;
1.2 Kennel, trail and equipment maintenance;
1.3 Apply nutrition, conditioning, triage and aquatic therapy;
1.4 Make daily log entries and case history developments; and
1.5 Volunteer at the Canadian Dryland Sled Dog Championships in Bristol Québec.


For additional information and planning details, please contact Mr. Geoffrey Cushing, Director of Operations for any Internships & Gap Course related questions at 819-647-3226 or