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Animal Connection, Self-Defense, and Yukon Adventure (Course ID: 1_AG_2017)

Co-Ed    ||   18+   ||    $7,950 USD (tax and airfare to Yukon Territories included)

Course ID: 1_AG_2017

Spend 4 weeks exploring the Quebec campus and training huskies followed by 2 weeks in the Yukon Territories, home to the 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race and travel through the world’s largest protected biosphere.

Environmental Literacy

  • Take courses in backcountry preparedness.

  • Study up-close the interdependent relationships between resilient wildlife and their habitats.

  • Discuss nature education, global environmental issues (such as climate change), and sustainable solutions.

  • Discuss the history and impact of First Nations cultures.

  • Learn about the different natural resources.

  • Discuss bioaccumulation, biomagnification and ocean acidification.  

  • Participate in cultural activities with First Nation communities in the Yukon and British Columbia.

  • Discuss food webs and relevance of keystone species.

  • Receive training in risk management and assessment.


Animal Connection

  • Dog behavior and management.

  • Independant dog walking and bikejoring.

  • Pack dynamics & physical conditioning

  • Introduction to natural horsemanship.

  • Social interactions.

  • Herd dynamic.

  • Animal language.

  • Games.



  • World class Krav Maga instruction.

  • Take classes both on and off campus.

  • Life skills coaching.

  • Awareness and Observation training.

  • Conflict resolution, mitigation and avoidance.

  • Risk management and safety



  • Hiking.

  • Canoeing

  • Swimming.

  • Dog carting.

  • Bikejoring.

  • Horseback riding.

  • Backcountry travel.

  • Photo-Video journaling.

  • Craft Making

  • Wilderness hiking.

  • Whale watching.

  • Camping

  • Basic woodsman skills.