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Dryland Sled Dog Sports, Animal Connection, and Self Defense (Course ID: 2_AG_2017)

Co-Ed   ||   18+ ||   $3,620 USD (tax included)

Course ID: 2_AG_2017

Live a pioneer lifestyle: explore the natural wonders of the campus and the surrounding area, prepare for winter, and participate in the Dryland Canadian Championship, a competition for sled dogs in late October.

Environmental Literacy

  • Discuss core issues that affect the world today. Can include climate change, marine protection, and any other topics students are interested in.
  • Harvest vegetables, herbs, and wild berries on the campus grounds. Learn about nutrition and sustainable food practices.


Animal Connection

  • Volunteer with the Dryland Canadian Championship organization. Interact with and support dog carting teams.
  • Work together with the resident sled dogs.
  • Go dog carting and bikejoring. 
  • Establish bonds with the dogs, horses, and wildlife on the Earth Studies campus.



  • Take Krav Maga daily self-defense training.

  • Risk management. 

  • Conflict resolution, mitigation, and protection.

  • Environmental awareness.



  • Hike in the mountains, swim, and nature journal.
  • Outdoor wilderness survival training.
  • Natural resources management 
  • Enjoy the comforts of communal living.